About us


Southern Animal Alliance Group (SAAG) is a charity sponsored by Pedal for Pets, and existing 501(c)(3). The impetus for starting this extension was pet directed, however, we also realize and are committed to the need to support pet owners in the areas we serve.

SAAG offers services to include spay/neuter surgeries, vaccinations, medical needs, pet food, shelter, and provide education on responsible pet ownership.

Our goal is to provide the welfare of animals and support pet owners to keep pets in their homes.

4 Rescues from left to right: Charlie-Newnan Coweta Humane Society, Burkley-Found in a field in Tyrone, Lucy-Upson County Animal Control, and Harley-Royal Refuge.

Our Mission

SAAG is dedicated to the holistic approach of promoting animal welfare and responsible pet ownership by providing services, education and resources through community collaboration.


Our Vision

Animal Welfare is a big concern in many communities, thus the reason for the various rescue groups and other pet-centric charities. A large part of rescuing animals includes evaluating why so many companion animals end up in municipal shelters as surrendered or strays.

The goal of SAAG is to keep the pet with the owner, in the home, out of the shelters and animal control and off the streets.

SAAG will serve as an umbrella resource to existing charities and rescue groups helping owners thus, the community. Overcrowded municipal shelters are a huge burden on these groups as well as city/county funding.

SAAG will continue to serve as a valuable resource to bring awareness to the importance of responsible pet ownership.

With SAAG, when animal welfare groups have a situation that requires a multi-pronged approach for pets, be it spay/neuter, medical assistance, a fence to unchain a tethered pet, pet food, foster/re-homing needs, SAAG is there to support them and bridge the gap in funding for services.

SAAG is dedicated to permanent change for animal welfare. We will support and work to enhance legislation to ensure the best interests of pets and their owners. Animals remain a focus in our state legislation.

The think session about SAAG, Wendy Maguire, Kim McCurry, Gwen Williams (Dolly Goodpuppy Society), Evie Kettler (Paws 4 Chainge), Stephan Curcio (St. Nick’s Closet), Amber Markisello
Freedom Ride to a new home for a discarded old lady named Harley.

Partnership is Key

Unfortunately, animal welfare groups remain taxed and overburdened due to the ever-growing problem of unwanted, abused or abandoned companion animals. Having a resource group such as SAAG would provide assistance that may otherwise be unattainable. Assistance may come in the form of financial help, or by helping determine solutions and referrals for a variety of situations. Partners in need can apply to SAAG for financial assistance by applying online. Donations can be made to SAAG or even to a specific group through linking participants to the site, thus providing additional ways for these animal welfare groups to attain much needed financial assistance.

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