Meet Trich Jackson-leCroy

Trich Jackson LeCroy

For as long as I remember, I’ve been in the animal rescue world. I was gifted/cursed w/a heart for all creatures, great and small.


Gratefully, my best friend shares my passion, & we’ve been a solid team since meeting as students at UGA, earning our Forestry/Wildlife degrees.

I’ve long ago lost count of the number of animals we’ve been a part of rescuing, but no matter if wildlife or (potential) pet, my husband & I have not faltered when it comes to our deep-seeded need to TRY.


We work w/a variety of organizations throughout metro-ATL, & every single success, we count as a blessing. So when Wendy asked me to be a part of S.A.A.G., of course, I said “Yes” – I would try to help any way that I can.


I’m excited to contribute to the success of S.A.A.G., & looking forward to being a part of this organization that serves all of our hard-working volunteers in the rescue world!

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